Immigrants Saved The NHS Long Before Burnham – It Is Time For Respect

By Seema Chandwani | Twitter @SeemaChandwani

After the election we find ourselves in the position of finding a new leader. But for a lot of ordinary members the choice is very difficult. Some members are even calling for MPs barely a week old to put themselves forward. It feels for many that we’re judging an ‘Eric Pickles lookalike bikini competition’ – no one contestant is turning us on.

The usual Labour demarcation lines of ‘left vs right’ are also not providing the ‘comfort zone guide’ some members rely on. For ‘the right’, they have many options at this stage to choose from – which is not the best place to be. For ‘the left’ however, we seem to be in a strange position, who are we backing? Are we resorting to backing the one who appears to have the least support from the ‘right’?

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