How the ‘Battle of Wood Green’ prevented fascism fouling our borough

By Seema Chandwani | Twitter @SeemaChandwani

The other week I went for a drink in this great cafe in The Mall Wood Green.

It has fantastic views from the bridge which enables you to see across the high road. As I waited for my sister – she’s never on time – I looked out and saw an elderly Asian woman in a bright colourful Sari walking along the pavement. Her carrier bag handle snapped, leaving an amazing exotic mix of mangos, okra and coconuts spread all over the pavement.

A middle-aged Jewish man ran over to help, holding his Yarmulke in place as he bent over to pick up some of her produce. He was joined by an African man in a flamboyant Dashikis, who rescued the few mangoes that rolled a bit further down. They both returned the goods to the woman, who by this stage, had been joined by a young English lady who was emptying one of her own carrier bags, putting the contents into her pram to supply to the lady with something new to carry her shopping.

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