Cameron & The NHS: He Got The Moves Like Thatcher!

By Seema Chandwani | Twitter @SeemaChandwani

Across the country, the NHS is being dismantled, downgraded and closed down. These decisions are reckless and defies commonsense considering the  growing population. Regardless of the rhetoric from Cameron, the systematic collapse of the NHS is at the heart of Tory ideology as recently exposed by the release of government documents from the Thatcher era. What we are seeing now is an attack on the NHS to fulfil Thatcher’s once defeated plans.

The Tories cannot be trusted with the NHS, they gave an election promise they will not cut the NHS and continue to inform the public that spending of the NHS has risen under their term. However, as revealed just before Christmas 2012 the UK Statistics Authority had to warn the goverment about these claims as spending in the NHS had actually been reduced.  Continue reading